Handcrafted Veeshee Makeup Bag

It has been several years now that I have wanted to purchase a new makeup bag. There is something ironic about spending a good penny on all of your makeup, only to house it in a bag that reminds you of a makeup bag you had when you were 11 years old. To my defense, my makeup bag for the past three years was a hot pink and black polyester hand-me-down makeup bag that my mom received with a Christmas bundle of makeup. Cue Veeshee to save the day!

This was the first time I have ever been persuaded to buy something on Pinterest from a sponsored pin, but I saw a pin for the website Veeshee and fell in love instantly. The pin showed a few different makeup bags that caught my eye and I knew once I landed on the site that I had to play around with the patterns a little.

Veeshee Makeup Bag - Sprouted Fresh

This was my final design for my makeup bag! I just received it in the mail last week and I couldn’t be more obsessed with it. There are a few different leather colors to choose from for the bottom half of the bag, 40+ fabrics for the main material, and on top of all this, you get to choose the inside fabric as well.

Didn’t Veeshee do such  a wonderful job creating my dream makeup bag?

Veeshee Makeup Bag - Sprouted Fresh

I couldn’t wait any longer to clean my makeup brushes, wipe off all my of my bareMineral makeup cases, and get everything into my brand new bag!

Veeshee Makeup Bag - Sprouted Fresh

Veeshee Makeup Bag - Sprouted Fresh

The Palma Cosmo Bag is quite spacious and has a large pocket on the inside where I am choosing to store all of my makeup brushes. The specs for this particular bag are 10.5″ W x 7.5″ H x 2.5″ D. For the inside fabric, I went with a tan linen that matches the light brown leather bottom. I figured that a tan linen fabric would hide any loose makeup particles floating around in my bag better than a cotton lining.

All of Veeshee’s products are handcrafted in the USA (as if I needed more reasons to love them).

It’s funny how housing my makeup in this bag actually makes me want to wear makeup more often. It has a lot to do with part of the process of making me feel “pretty and girly” when I go through my daily morning beauty routine.

Veeshee also offers custom weekender bags, totes, and even offers items for men, babies and home too!

Check them out and let me know what you think. I hope your experience is as wonderful as mine!

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