Throw a Chic Galentine’s Day Party

Throw a Chic Galentine's Day Party - Sprouted Fresh

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Single, dating or married, I think it’s an odd and awkward holiday. But, one thing that might have made all 20 of my single Valentine’s days spent alone a little better, would have been a super fun “Galentine’s” party with my girls!

Looking back, I am absolutely sure we had Galentine’s parties without the actual formality of an organized event. How else are a bunch of single ladies supposed to poke fun at a holiday celebrating love when they are single? The plain and simple answer is a fun and chic Galentine’s Day Party!

Even as a married woman (that sounds weird since I feel a bit like a young, awkward, adult lady) I would still skip out on spending Valentine’s Day with my amazing hubby to celebrate love with my girlfriends. This might surprise some people close to me because I am about as “hopeless romantic” as they come, but Valentine’s Day has always felt WAY too forced and incredibly pushy. I guess I am lucky enough that Parker spends almost every day showing his love, affection, and appreciation for me, so Valentine’s day is not a big holiday in our house!

This is exactly why single ladies, engaged ladies, married ladies, or any other person out there who is not a fan of Valentine’s Day should celebrate the best way we all know how: partying!

Here are some adorable ideas to pull off a super successful Galentine’s Day Party for you and all of your gal pals!

Have you ever thrown or attended a Galentine’s Day Party? I would love to hear your stories and thoughts on celebrating Valentine’s Day in a different way!


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