Teal is the Interior Design Color Trend of 2016

Interior Design Trend of 2016

It doesn’t take much effort to peruse online to see that one of the most popular interior design color trends of 2016 is the eclectic use of teal. The teal color comes in many different shades and we are seeing it used as an accent wall color, pop shades in pillows or blankets, or even as back-splash in kitchens and bathrooms. It is beautiful to see the multiple shades of teal that mix well with any design style in a home, I myself prefer more of a dark teal with a hint of green (the tiled kitchen back-splash below is dreamy).

One of the ways that I have chosen to incorporate teal in my home is through the use of grey/teal toned fabrics:

Grey/Teal Sectional Sofa

The sectional is grey toned but has woven threads that put off a beautiful teal/blue look in natural light.

Breakfast Nook

This was one of my favorite DIY projects to do and it turns out that the fabric almost matches our couch perfectly.

If you are looking to renovate this Summer or add a splash of color, take a look below at the round-up of popular photos that use teal many different ways!

Different styles and colors of wood truly accent teal in a lovely way. If you really want to hop on the teal bandwagon you could try to use teal, wood, and gold accents in the same area of the room for a real splash of textures and tones. I am an advocate for all things nature and greenery and another way to accent the teal in any room of your home is to add large house plants with a deep green color (think Palm Springs)!

Have you added any teal accents to your home in 2016? If not, what would your idea be to incorporate teal in a unique way into different rooms of your home?

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