The SkinSpirit Facial That Transformed My Skin

The SkinSpirit Facial That Transformed My Skin
I have talked a bit in the past about skincare and beauty products I use. I am by no means a full-time beauty blogger, or even a half-time beauty blogger, but part of being a lifestyle blogger is sharing with you the experiences and things that inspire me day to day.

Skincare was something I didn’t truly pay much attention to until about two years ago. From the time I started wearing make-up around 14, I was using over-the-counter acne medicine, my beloved Cetaphil, Proactiv, and many years of different types of Neutrogena products. Now, at the time, I am sure these skincare products were helping to decently maintain my skin, and all I truly wanted for them to accomplish was decreasing the amount of acne I ALWAYS had on my face.

Fast forward 10 years, I finally woke up one day and realized that if I invested in my skin, it would be one of the best gifts I could ever give both my current and future self. Here I was, 24 and still struggling with acne, not necessarily severe, but enough that I still was not always comfortable stepping out with no makeup on or at least concealer for my pimples.

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evian® Mineral Water Facial Spray

evian® Mineral Water Facial Spray - Sprouted Fresh

As I continue to tell my readers over and over again, it is so important to me to use beauty products that are light, airy, and oil free! Outside of my daily beauty routine, I don’t spend much time pampering myself with as many spa facials and masks as I would like. I tend to keep my beauty regimen pretty simple, making sure I wash my face every morning and every night and do my best to wear lots of moisturizer too.

When I was introduced to evian® Facial Spray I was excited for the chance to use a lightweight moisturizer that has as few ingredients as it gets, water and minerals. Yes, you read that right, and yes, I know evian® is most famous for their French Alps drinking water, but they are stepping up their game with this mineral water facial spray. I use the spray every morning or night after I get out of the shower to help set in the moisture, so you could say it has become my #AnytimeSpa. It has improved the redness in my skin and has balanced out the oily vs. dry skin battle that I am going through right now, as we transition from season to season.

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Skincare Review: SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals

SkinMedica Blog Post Skincare Regime

For the past month I have added in some new products to my daily skincare regime. I was given a few as samples and I can tell you that I am so hooked on all four of these beauty products and as soon as my samples run out, I will be buying each of them! I have very oily skin and tend to have acne on my t-zone and chin. I have used Cetaphil Oil-Free Foam Cleanser for the past year and I have absolutely fallen in love with the way it makes my face feel and clears up my breakouts. Now, I tend to switch between that facial cleanser and my new SkinMedica Facial Cleanser.

I use the SkinMedica Facial Cleanser every other day and it makes my usually oily face feel refreshed and moisturized without any tightness, flakiness, or over-drying. I have the small sample size (1oz) and I have been using mine about every other day, twice a day, for over one month.

SkinMedica Brightening Skincare Regime

Every other night before bed, I also use SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and AHA/BHA Cream. This feels like a mini micro-dermabrasion in a bottle. I know I am only in my mid-twenties with very few fine lines or wrinkles but this duo has made my skin so much brighter, tighter, and truly more radiant!

SkinMedica Brightening Skincare Regime

Now, to share about my favorite of the four new products, the SkinCeuticals B5 Hydrating Gel! This is by far my very favorite skincare product I have ever used to date. As I have said before, because of my skins natural oily state, I tend to be acne prone and every moisturizer (even if it states oil-free or for oily skin types) has always made my skin more greasy and oily, until now. I had never thought about how a gel substance would soak into my skin, but with two to three drops of this B5 Hydrating Gel, my skin is completely moisturized and never gets oily or greasy throughout the day or night.

SkinCeuticals B5 Gel Skincare Regime

I know these products tend to be on the more expensive side, so I would suggest clicking the links above and bookmarking the page and setting a sale alert on ShopStyle. You can also find the facial cleanser and B5 gel cheap on Amazon here and here.

I hope that if you suffer from oily skin or acne like I do, that you will give one of these four products a try, so you can feel so much happier with what you see in the mirror each day!