How to Plant a Flower Bed from Scratch

How to Plant a Flower Bed from Scratch - Sprouted Fresh

I have been so inspired lately to plant everything in sight! I think most of it comes from finally living in a climate in California that gets sunny and warm. I always love visiting my childhood home in Oklahoma because my parents are fantastic gardeners and have planted numerous flower, vegetable, and herb gardens over the years. To be honest, I am surprised that I have taken such a liking to gardening, in my attempt to have a green thumb.

The flower bed in my front yard had a really large rose bush, some other large green mystery plant, and that’s really it. I kept looking at the very sad flower bed each time I pulled into the driveway and knew I had to do something to spruce it up.

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Places that Bring the Outdoors Inside

I have always been a fan of greenery, lots and lots of greenery! There is something about walking into a space and seeing the different shades, textures, and smells of plants. Don’t get me wrong, I love some beautiful peonies or ranunculuses here and there, but I have always been more attracted to greenery. Surprisingly, there are many benefits to having real plants within your home:

1. Plants fight indoor pollution

2. Plants help fight off the common cold

3. Plants have been scientifically proven to increase your mood

4. Plants enhance cognitive function

Indoor plants can be found year round at your local greenhouse and floral shop. The best part about plants – they are much harder to kill than flowers. If you are anything like me, living a busy lifestyle, running from point a to point b constantly, plants will be your best friend – some only needing to be watered once a week, some only once every two weeks.

I have found a few places and spaces that absolutely perfected adding greenery and plants that significantly enhance the entire ambiance of the room, have a look below!

 I hope these rooms make you feel as reinvigorated as they make me feel. Especially with winter upon us, I am excited to bring a little bit of spring and summer inside the house for year round enjoyment.

Do you have any greenery or plants in your home? Comment below and let me know what your indoor plant of choice is!