Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

Sprouted Fresh - Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

I am so excited to share this super easy DIY project with you! I have had a bit of a green thumb lately so this project was the perfect way to test out my “gardening” skills. It only took 30 minutes to make and is the best centerpiece for our coffee table.

I purchased this gorgeous gold and glass terrarium that usually costs $49.99, but is on sale now for only $20!

My next step was to head to my local nursery for some succulents. Golden Nursery was such a lovely local nursery down the street from me in San Mateo and their succulent and cacti selection was incredible! Who knew their was over 50 different types of succulents and cacti? I picked up a few smaller succulents and cacti, along with some organic succulent and cacti potting soil – you only need a small bag!

Sprouted Fresh - Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

My suggestion is to line the terrarium with either caulking or a Ziploc gallon bag. You can actually cut the bag down to size so it fits the bottom just right, but you then will need to tape it to the glass. Caulking might be the easiest of the two options!

It is finally time to start creating your awesome planter. Pour in some of your special soil to 3/4 of the level you want your plants to be situated at. Add your plants and pour in the remaining 1/4 of your soil and pat in around the roots of your plants. I find it easiest to water these plants with a spray bottle so that you are not drowning them in water, since they don’t need much, and it allows you to get the small bottle nozzle through your terrarium opening.

Sprouted Fresh - Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

It’s that truly that easy to make this DIY gold succulent and cacti terrarium – the entire project only cost me $40!

I drew the inspiration for my planter from my faux plant in the corner of our living room.

Sprouted Fresh - Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

This gorgeous gold vase was such a fun accent to our living room, along with some faux greenery to liven up the vase and our living room!

Sprouted Fresh - Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

Whether you choose to add a small planter or go with faux floral or greenery, they both can really liven and brighten up a space!

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