Coachella Festival Camping Guide and Packing List

Coachella Festival Camping Guide and Packing List - Sprouted Fresh

I am so excited to share with you all of my favorite tips and tricks on car camping at Coachella. We definitely upped our car camping game last year over the previous year, with each year becoming much more awesome and a little more extravagant! For the small price of $113, the car camping pass will transform the way you and a few friends experience Coachella. If you are a part of a car caravan with a group friends, be sure to stay right next to each other in the car camping line the entire time, in order to get car spots right next to each other in the campgrounds.

If you show up to Coachella unprepared, the dessert will definitely take its toll on you, but if you follow my advice below, you will have the best weekend of your life!

Sprouted Fresh - Coachella Festival Camping Guide and Packing List

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How to Plant a Flower Bed from Scratch

How to Plant a Flower Bed from Scratch - Sprouted Fresh

I have been so inspired lately to plant everything in sight! I think most of it comes from finally living in a climate in California that gets sunny and warm. I always love visiting my childhood home in Oklahoma because my parents are fantastic gardeners and have planted numerous flower, vegetable, and herb gardens over the years. To be honest, I am surprised that I have taken such a liking to gardening, in my attempt to have a green thumb.

The flower bed in my front yard had a really large rose bush, some other large green mystery plant, and that’s really it. I kept looking at the very sad flower bed each time I pulled into the driveway and knew I had to do something to spruce it up.

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Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

Sprouted Fresh - Succulent Planter + Faux Greenery

I am so excited to share this super easy DIY project with you! I have had a bit of a green thumb lately so this project was the perfect way to test out my “gardening” skills. It only took 30 minutes to make and is the best centerpiece for our coffee table.

I purchased this gorgeous gold and glass terrarium that usually costs $49.99, but is on sale now for only $20!

My next step was to head to my local nursery for some succulents. Golden Nursery was such a lovely local nursery down the street from me in San Mateo and their succulent and cacti selection was incredible! Who knew their was over 50 different types of succulents and cacti? I picked up a few smaller succulents and cacti, along with some organic succulent and cacti potting soil – you only need a small bag!

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Float Away Stress and Anxiety

I have started to open up and share more about my struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. One of the best things I have done for myself is to open up and be vulnerable about those things I saw as weaknesses. It has been such a wonderful conversation to open up to you all about my struggle and how I have learned to cope with it – if you missed that post you can read it here! I promised that I would continue to offer up ways I cope with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, etc., so today I want to dive deeper into one of my very favorite ways to calm my mind, body, and soul – floating!

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5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

I am going to get a tad sappy with this post and talk about how lucky I am to be married to my husband, Parker. We were married on May 2, 2015, and that’s when we began a new chapter in our book of life. Life can take you on a wild ride, with very big high’s and super bad low’s, but when you find someone who is by your side and truly has your back through it all, you know they were put in your life for a reason. I feel that way about him and I hope he feels the same way about me. Just when we think we have each other figured out, we grow and learn a little more about one another, and our relationship shifts and morphs and looks just a tad different than it did before. That is my absolute favorite thing about our marriage – it’s ever-changing and always challenging! Even though challenges can be frustrating at times, they help us grow and expand our minds, which makes me feel like I am living a much more purposeful and fulfilled life.

Valentine’s Day can be so corny, but I do appreciate that it always reminds me of how lucky I am. Not because I receive the best gifts, but because I have a man who is completely devoted to our marriage, to me, and to helping us succeed as a team. As I write that, I feel pretty lucky that those feelings and thoughts can come out of my 25 year old mind. Here are a few ways that my husband and I show love for each other throughout the year!

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