Camper Turned Glamper

Camper Turned Glamper - Sprouted Fresh

It has always been a dream of (no, not mine) Parker’s to fix up an old camper of some sorts and to live in it for awhile. He is always scanning through images on Tapiture and trying to find neat ideas or his next big purchase, just like women do on Pinterest. You know, when you find images of outfits, houses, or decor, and you pin it assuming that someday you will have the money to make all of it become a reality, but lets be honest 95% never will. Yes, that is what Parker does, but where I pin dresses, manicures and hairstyles, he looks at campers turned glampers.

So, here are some of the most eclectically wonderful camper turned glamper styles I couldn’t have dreamed up any better myself!

 Let me know what you think of these super cute and quaint little living spaces! Maybe one day Parker will actually convince me to renovate a camper and live in it…and maybe not…a boy can dream right?


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