bareMinerals Fall Inspired Look

bareMinerals Fall Inspired Look - Sprouted Fresh

I have always been a huge fan of all bareMinerals products. I first started using their products two years ago during Christmas time. As someone who has struggled with an oily face, large pores, and acne for most of my teen and adult life, I finally found a natural makeup line that improved my skin.

For the past two years I have been using this foundation which has done wonders for my skin and always gave me a luminous finish! I was smitten to find a foundation that I could wear that actually improved my skin, covered my imperfections, while not causing more breakouts. I am sure this has so much to do with the entire line of bareMinerals makeup remaining completely natural and organic!

bareMinerals Fall Inspired Look - Sprouted Fresh

With fall quickly approaching in San Francisco, I decided to step-up my beauty regimen and shy away from the dewy summer-glow look, and try for a more matte look for fall. I recently purchased the new matte foundation in Fairly Medium and it comes in the form of a loose powder just like the original foundation.

I will start this review by telling you that I am not getting paid to tell you this, it is just THAT good – this foundation is life changing for me already! As I have said before, any foundation or base I have used in the past, still leads to a greasy and oily face for me by the end of the day, but not anymore!

I have been using this foundation for the past three days and I am astonished at the difference it has made in my skin tone and also the way my face looks at the end of the work day. This is what my face looked like at the end of the day – a tiny bit of shine on my t-zone forehead area, but other than that it looks like freshly applied makeup! #nofilter and #noedits people.

bareMinerals Fall Inspired Look - Sprouted Fresh

In order to keep my shine under control, I also use this mineral veil, which has produced even better results along with my new matte foundation. In addition to the foundation, I decided to try out the new bronzer serum. It gives my skin a lovely warm glow over my already matte look. I also received some samples of their new Gen Nude lipsticks and the color I am wearing above is here and I LOVE it!

bareMinerals Fall Makeup Look - Sprouted Fresh

The last product I was super excited to try was the petite lash domination mascara which is a smaller brush version of their lash domination, that I use every day and LOVE! I have always had really long top and bottom eyelashes, but with their natural color being strawberry blonde, they only come to life with a good mascara. This petite mascara brush is perfect for use on your bottom lashes and also for the inner corner eyelashes. It was a game changer when I used this mascara and brush for my bottom lashes! I usually end up with mascara marks all over the tops of my cheeks because my bottom lashes are so long, but this tiny brush made all the difference.

bareMinerals Fall Inspired Look - Sprouted Fresh

Also, if you are looking for a nice fall blush, I really recommend this blush that I am wearing in this post! It will be my new go-to for this fall because of its warm tones – the color is The Confession.

I am truly thrilled with my new fall palette from bareMinerals and look forward to spicing it up as we get closer to the holiday season for all of those fun holiday parties and gatherings!

bareMineral Fall Inspired Look - Sprouted Fresh


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