5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

I am going to get a tad sappy with this post and talk about how lucky I am to be married to my husband, Parker. We were married on May 2, 2015, and that’s when we began a new chapter in our book of life. Life can take you on a wild ride, with very big high’s and super bad low’s, but when you find someone who is by your side and truly has your back through it all, you know they were put in your life for a reason. I feel that way about him and I hope he feels the same way about me. Just when we think we have each other figured out, we grow and learn a little more about one another, and our relationship shifts and morphs and looks just a tad different than it did before. That is my absolute favorite thing about our marriage – it’s ever-changing and always challenging! Even though challenges can be frustrating at times, they help us grow and expand our minds, which makes me feel like I am living a much more purposeful and fulfilled life.

Valentine’s Day can be so corny, but I do appreciate that it always reminds me of how lucky I am. Not because I receive the best gifts, but because I have a man who is completely devoted to our marriage, to me, and to helping us succeed as a team. As I write that, I feel pretty lucky that those feelings and thoughts can come out of my 25 year old mind. Here are a few ways that my husband and I show love for each other throughout the year!

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

  1. Gift giving is one of his top love languages, so I know that one way to show love for him is to surprise him with gifts. Now, this makes birthdays, Christmas, and any gift-giving holiday super fun for me, as I LOVE to give gifts. The thing that really makes this special is that he doesn’t care what kind of gift he receives. It can be a homemade gift or a gift I purchased, but I know the thought of the gift is what counts for him – and it is even more special when it is a gift given for no particular reason!

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

2. Chores or gifts of service would be next on my list. It is one of our favorite ways to be selfless for one another and show each other that we want to lift the burden of whatever needs to be picked-up, washed, or cleaned, off of the other’s shoulders. I don’t mean to sound cliche when I say how  amazing and romantic it is to come home to a clean home after a long week. He knows what that means to me and knows that it is less housework I will have to do on my time-off, so I can spend a few extra hours doing something that I really enjoy.

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

3. I feel it is incredibly important to share meals together without any distractions. We show our love and appreciation for one another through cooking the food, sharing conversation as we eat, and then cleaning up the kitchen after. I am the cook in our household, so I have learned to show my love for him through the food I make – I learned this one from my momma! I will never forget the many moments of my life that I sat on a bar stool with her in the kitchen, watching her put her heart and soul into a meal for our family. I like to do that now for my husband, and in return, he almost always does the dishes to show his thanks for my meal.

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

4. Time is truly a gift and it’s precious and fleeting, so I wan’t to embrace the present and make each moment count. It is important to both of us to show the other person that what they say, how they feel, and what they want to do, matters. This is something I am still working on, but it feels so wonderful to participate in activities that includes both of us and to have deep discussions about whatever in life is in our minds. We spend so much time away from each other working, so when we have those few hours of freedom every night, it’s hard not be selfish and do, watch, or listen to exactly what you want to do. I have realized that spending quality time together, participating in each other’s favorite activities, makes us even closer and builds a stronger connection!

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

5. Try and take the time to always tell each other how you feel. Open communication is one of the ways that we show love for each other. Most of the time, he is pulling my thoughts and feelings out of me, but the more I share, the more we learn, and the more we bond. I am very appreciative of when he opens up to me to tell me how he feels about something, good or bad, because at least I know where he stands, so I can support him either way. I need to get better at offering this information up to him, but I am giving it my best shot! This will only improve your trust and communication and has helped us to feel closer.

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone - Sprouted Fresh

If you are looking to show someone you are thinking of them, there is no better way to start than by sending them a bouquet of their favorite flowers! Flowers can brighten anyone’s day and can remind you for days or weeks to come, as you pass them in your home, of the special thought.

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Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with lots of laughter and love! xoxo

11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone

  1. If I’m debating whether to buy my dad a shirt or make him a batch of chocolate chip cookies to show my love for him, the cookies send a stronger message because I know they’re his favorite thing — and he knows I know this and did it for him.

  2. I loved this post! It’s always nice to see people care about each other and actually put work into the relationship. I need to do that more, thank you for the reminder.

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